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TPG/NBN home phone cannot call a particular mobile number but my mobile can

Level 2

My home phone with TPG(NBN) cannot call a particular family member's mobile number- I keep getting a recorded message saying that number is not available. Strange this is, I can call that mobile number using my own mobile phone. Even stranger, when I use my home TPG/NBN phone, I can call other mobiles e.g. my own or my wife's, just not this particular family member's mobile number. Yet I can call that elusive mobile number if I use my mobile (just not the home TPG/NBN phone). Anyone got any ideas why ?

Level 2

Yes, you have chosen to not send out your Caller ID from your landline. Turn that off and you can now call that mobile number from your land line


Look at the actual number in your home phone for the family member and see that it matches the number in your mobile.