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TPG Voice Service and Emergency 000 Number

Level 1a

I note that this service is delivered as VoIP via the UNI-V port, and so someone clarify if the Emergency 000 operator would be able to see my residential address on their end when I dial through?


Hi @seug123,


Your number will still show since "000"  is an emergency hotline. Hope this helps. 😊



Level 5

So, are you saying that at the emergency call centre the number displayed on their phone is "000"? Which means that they won't be able to know the address from which the call is being made and won't know where to send police/ambulance?


Level 8

Hi @drbob I believe what @Jhoey is saying is that your number will be displayed on the 000 system as it is an emergency service, I understand that even unlisted numbers will still display at the emergency services call centre.


Hi @drbob,


Dialing the "000" Emergency call number using the NBN VoIP phone will work just like it's predecessor (Analog phone on DSL).


@orbistat is right.


NBN is owned by the Government in which this feature should not be removed.


Kind regards,