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TPG charges for 1300 support calls on NBN/landline in $10 increments

Level 4

Thank you for responding.

I guess if I'm honest I'm probably being overly pedantic.

I KNOW that 13/1300 numbers incur a charge on the landline number, but it seems wrong that 2 of the numbers on the contact us page, and the rest aren't. Simple fix is to either say so, OR just publish the free (13/02) numbers

I tend to use my mobile for 12/1300 numbers, not the land line, BUT I've probably said enough otherwise.

Level 2

Yes someone has to pay the costomer call centres in India & Asia. It's a smart business move by TPG to keep customer service numbers down. It also makes people pay for a service they may or may not need at that particular time. Classed under the stupid people who can't work out their bills syndrone. In other words well all need to smarten up & understand our contracts & bills better for everybody to be happy.