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TPG_false promises, information and services

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- It took them 5 days to send modem even though they promised to get it in 48 hrs as I live in the city. I had to take leave from my job/request to work from home to get modem. For 2-3 days I was chasing TPG and startrack to find the status of my modem (by using consignment/shipping number). At the end, I received it after 5 days.
- Network it very unstable and couldn't even able to deliver as they promise. I have chasing them for 14 days now.
- To change my landline plan, I contacted TPG customer service. As my TPG billing cycle starts on 8th of each month, I raised my concern if the billing cycle about the changed landline plan will start from today or the TPG billing cycle. I was confirmed over the phone that the billing cycle for the landline will be the date of activation once the plan is changed and it won't be the same as the TPG plan.
Upon getting this information, I made my mind to get the new $20 landline plan to start ASAP and my call was transferred to another customer representative named- Monica. We briefly discussed the New $20 landline plan which provides unlimited local Australian calls and unlimited international calls to 15 countries and current mobile sim offer.
I again raised my concern to Monica about the billing cycle of the new landline plan and asked whether it will be the same as the TPG plan or different (i.e. day of activation). Monica said that the billing cycle for the new plan for the landline will be the same as the TPG plan. I told her that it would be unfair to pay a $20 monthly plan for the days which have been used. I told her that I don't want to add this service. I told her to check the recording of this call to check what information was given to me. I made my mind on this given information.
Monice told me that she already charged me $20 which shocked me as I didn't give her consent to charge me. Monica said that she will refund. I told her to email me confirming the refund and cancel this plan as soon as possible as I don't want someone to give me wrong information next time that cancelling/changing this landline plan can not be done. 
As I have been consistently given false information and promises, I also told her to not send me a TPG mobile sim card. After six months, I will definitely cancel my service as I fill it worth pay extra dollars for honest and true service than someone like TPG which took 5 days to sent me modem (after promising me to deliver in 48 hrs as I live in the city), variable speeds and this landline plan issue.
I hope my experiemence with TPG could be helpful for other people

Hi @ms2216


Thanks for raising this to our attention.


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and see what we can do to improve our customer service.


Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.