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TPG voicemail

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How does voice mail work with TPG home phone?


With my old provider people could leave a message on my phone. Doesn't seem to be the case now?

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Hi @dalmatian as far as I know TPG doesn't have voice mail feature, but you can try to use a handset with built-in voice mail feature who knows it might work. ( I haven't tried it yet )

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Hi @dalmatian,


TPG home phone doesn't offer something like messagebank or a voicemail you can access by dialling a number on your phone, like you might be used to with another provider. However, it's an easy solution, just choose to use a phone handset with an answering machine built in. 


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But I remember that my friend had a voicemail with TPG on his ADSL2+ internet and home phone.

Is that still available ?

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Hi @dalmatian


TPG has a temporary voicemail service available during the few days you are porting in your phone number from Telstra to TPG ADSL2+ with Home Phone. After the move of your number from Telstra to TPG is complete, the voicemail is no longer available.