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Telephone not working

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My NBN was connected last week, the internet works but I have now found that the telephone only has a continuous dial tone and doesn't make or receive calls. I have restarted both the modem and the NBN connection device, is there something else I should do?


Hi @yedrupmt 


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I was able to pull up your account using your community details as reference. It appears that you have upgraded from ADSL to NBN service. Our initial assessment shows that the homephone should be working and that the possible trouble could be the physical setup of the devices. Do you have your homephone device connected to Phone1 port at the back of the modem?



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Yes, it is plugged into port 1


Thanks for confirming @yedrupmt 


Can you PM me the MAC address of the modem you're using? I'd like to check on my end as to why the VOIP service isn't working on the modem for any reason.


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When I click it just goes to about Will and there is no send private message.


Plus how do I find the mac address of modem


Hi @yedrupmt, we have received your PM. We believe you're using the TP Link VR1600v modem from TPG.


The MAC address is indicated on the back of the modem. Please look for "MAC".

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The mac address is: MAC-98-DA-C4-37-4B-7D


Thanks for providing the details, @yedrupmt


We did 2 test calls and it seems like someone was able to pick it up from your end, but either no one's able to hear us or the line got cut off immediately.


To check further as to why it's not working properly, can you confirm the following:

  1. Ensure that there's no phones connected to any phonesocket in the house
  2. That the handset is connected directly to phone1 port without any filter or splitter

If there are no issues with the physical setup, can you try and connect the handset to Phone2 port and see if it will work.


As a last resort, please perform reset on the modem (use the reset button at the back).

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Thank you for your response. The phone rang but when I picked up all there was was the dial tone.


1. There are no telephones connected to the telephone line, the telephone is connected to telephone port 1.


2. I reset the modem and the results are the same.


3. I have plugged into telephone port 2, same as before, I have also reset with the phone connected to port 2 and same result.


The telephone only has a dial tone, when I have dialed the number there is only a dial tone and nothing happens.


Thank you for the additional information, @yedrupmt.


I have escalated this issue to our Phone Engineers to investigate further. Updates about the case will be provided to you directly by our Engineering Team via SMS or phone call to the contact mobile number we have on file. Should you wish to provide a different number, send me a PM so I can forward it over.