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Two phone lines inside house. After transfer to NBN bundled phone number is not transferring calls

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Two phone lines inside house. After transfer to NBN (via old 'cable' connection inside house), bundled phone number is not transferring calls any more. Previously all calls to the number ( a business use number) were set to transfer to my mobile. This isn't happening. Online,my account is NOT showing settings that will let me check if my calls are still transferring (even though I know they aren't).

There are actually two phone lines in the house (installed before we purchased it). If I connect a phone to the phone line it does actually ring, instead of transferring to my mobile. Why?? 

Should the installation technician have done something with the phone? 

Has TPG not transferred my phone number?

Has TPG changed my phone settings? 

Please help, this is my business number and noone is able to reach me. I have been trying to get online assistance from TPG but cannot even get onlne chat as it says the system is too busy, and to try again later. This is still the situation DAYS later. 


Welcome to TPG Community,

You can private message to me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so i can check status here.



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Thank you - how do I access Private messaging?




I believe you have call diversion set up issue. When you open TPG My Account, left side you can see NBN Home service, click  on View NBN Home Phone Service Account  then in tool section you will see NBN Home Phone Service Control Panel  where you will see one form where you can put your mobile number in Divert all incoming calls  

If any issue let me know so can create ticket for you. Usually its some time to refect that change after applying setting.




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No, it's correctly set to divert all calls, with the correct mobile number inserted, BUT the calls are NOT being diverted to that number