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Unable to Dial 13 Numbers

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My Phone has aquired this problem of not being able to call 13 Numbers. It has a shrill tone as described in other posts. Not sure what TPG are doing but appears to be like call Barring.  There are posts going back nearly 2 years. Cannot even call Centerlink or TPG Help?


Hi @WDD51 ,


Please send us your account details (Username/Customer ID) to better understand the situation.


We'd like to set your expectation that charges for 13/1300 number calls will be charged at Listed TPG rates on a 'pay as you go' basis and deducted from your prepaid balance.


For reference: 


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I am unable to dial 13 numbers on my landline. Can this be fixed? Deb. Johnson


Hi @mysusie99


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We've edited your post as it contains your account information. Please avoid posting any account information on a public thread as it may compromise your security.

When you tried to call a 13 number, did you receive or heard any error message? Also, are you able to try our number which is 13 14 23 and see if it's going to go through?

We've checked the history of your calls and was not able to see any attempts to call a 13 number.