Updated Modems

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I am still using the TPG supplied modem from 5 years ago - NetComm N300 when I took out the NBN / Home Phone Bundle. While it functions OK most of the time (dropouts a getting more common) and I am looking to update this modem. I am unable to connect my PC directly to the modem as they are in different rooms so I use a Wireless N USB Adapter.  What is available from TPG (costs?) or can I use a compatible third party modem.  Thanks


Hi, @keats55.


Welcome to TPG Community!

If you are having trouble connecting or having connection dropouts, we can arrange a technical callback for your account. Just send us a PM with your contact details and we'll call you to assist.


As for the modem, you have an option to buy a 3rd party modem. You are free to buy a modem outside of TPG. Should you wish to purchase a new modem from us, it will cost $99.95 with $10 shipping fee.

Let us know how you wish to proceed, thank you.