VoIP Passthrough

Level 2

Currently on an NBN Cable with Voice plan over HFC. 

We also recently bought an TP-Link AX73 to function as a main network, and we still have the TPG-provided VR1600v. 


We want to put the VR1600v + home phone in the shed, with the AX73 in the main house. 

Is there a way to do a VoIP and internet passthrough? 

We've currently got the internet passing through, but stuck on how to connect the home phone. 


The desired setup would look like this: Modem > AX73 > VR1600v + home phone. 


Thanks in advance!


Hi @ itswillo , please be advised that the phone service is only provisioned on the TPG supplied modem, thus using a third party modem will not make the VoIP work.