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Voip & Bridging

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Hi all. Due to speed fluctuations on my fixed wireless NBN I found my Huawei HG658 was the guilty party. I have purchased a new D-Link DSL- 2888A to replace it with but discovered after purchase this unit does not have a Phone 1 socket for my phone.
I understand the Huawei has the Voip settings built into the units firmware so I still need this unit to retain my phone.. "Oh dear!".
Is there a way I can bridge the Huawei and the D-link together so the Huawei is Voip only and the D-Link is for internet?
Cheers! Smiley Frustrated   

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Hi mate, as I understand, if you run the Huawei bridged you will lose voip as it's embedded in the routing firmware, the modem part of the Huawei is just being used as a transceiver. Even if you use a seperate VoIP adapter with the new D-Link you're still stitched as you won't be able to simply enter your voip/sip settings as they're not atainable even with the gift of a kidney as payment. 😩

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Thanks orbisat, I was fearing this would be the case. I would have stuck with the old landline but it was disconnected when the NBN was connected.. We didn't even know till I went to use the phone one day and it was dead.. Might as well not have a home phone..

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Hi EvilCLown, it depends how much you really need a hard phone at your place and if you need to retain the line #, I'm using the TPG supplied HG 659 on FTTN and it has ticked all the boxes so far for stability, WiFi coverage and the VOIP is clean and also supports calling number display by default.

I know many people bag the Hauwei but I've been totally impressed with what it's intended job is, that's simply an internet gateway. I was going to use one of my TP-Link routers for access points but seriously the HG659 is doing a fine job all over the house.

You could still use the D-Link Python as an access point if you needed to so it won't be a total waste.