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fixing the home phone

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Hi All,
I recently had TPG internet connection . My wifi works well. I want to fix a home phone to my NBN box.  Any kind of home phone can be fixed ? Any specifications. 
Acccording to use guide UNI-V’ ports on the back of the NBN Connection Box into which I can plug a phone to get connected with TPG Landline service. so if i plug the internet cable that connects phone and NBN box then should my home phone number (which is already given to me) work/ active?  

Hi champika70


Welcome to the TPG Community! 


I can see that a call back has been organised from our Technical Team to assist you with the homephone concern. They have tried contacting you today but was unreachable. You may reply to the SMS sent for your most convenient time to receive a call or you may also let us know here.


Regarding your query, there isn't any particular specification for the handset that you need to use. All you need to ensure is that the phone cable is connected directly to the UNIV-1 port on the NBN box. It will only light up whenever in use and yes, your homephone is active and should be working.