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length of ring time on landline

slm Level 1a
Level 1a

the TPG system is limited to 8 rings on the land line with apparently no way of extending this.

This is way too short for elderly or people with mobility issues. Based on this and other issues when calling the help line I will  not be recommending TPG. (I work in the aged and disability sector)

Level 4


I agree, some other providers have this option to extend incoming 'phone rings'. But IMO, I consider TPG have the most affordable service in the market.


Does all the incoming call reached 8 'rings'? Because if not, you can ask their assistance to check it out for you.

Level 4

Hi @slm and @tonystork, would TPG's standard/default settings for ring time be based on seconds rather than rings? Perhaps a Mod can confirm what the standard ring time setting is for TPG and whether there's any way to change it on an individual basis?