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tp-link vr1600v longer rings

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Level 3

just wondering if someone could help me as my phone rings once and stops have no ideah to why  and no its not hand set as other modem its rings out  thankyou


Hi @hammer25,


A hard-reset / Factory reset ( Pushing the reset whole button behind the modem ) should fix this issue.

Please be advised that once you do a hard-reset / factory reset you will need to re-configure the modem's settings which includes the Wi-Fi username/password.


Fortunately, we already have it posted here in our Community. Please visit the link below. Smiley Wink


In case you need clarification please let me know I would love to help.




Level 3

done that there is a tpg  tech coming to house tomorow as there is that but also found out if power goest out when it comes back on you cant make a call for about and hour


That's good to hear! @hammer25, let us know how it will go. Looking forward to have this fix tomorrow.Smiley Wink

Level 3

tpg tech come out done all testing and it was a not compatable with tplink-vr1600v on other modem fine so went bought a panasonic handset which seems to work tpg are montring my service and looking in to it further as to why not compatable i very happy with tpg as they went out of there way to get all working so thank you so much  for all you people have done