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Hello, I am a new customer who has an FTTB BUNDLE with an FTTB Wireless VoIP Router AX5400 VC420-G2v from TP-Link ( I encountered an issue with the tpPhone iPhone app, which stated it couldn't find a VOIP Router on the network. When I accessed the TP-Link web interface, it indicated under the phone section that "Telephone Status: Telephone service unavailable. Please check your account settings or register a new number."

I'm wondering if this router is compatible with tpPhone, or if there's an alternative solution available. Ideally, I'd prefer not to connect a VoIP phone directly to the router and instead use my mobile device or make calls from my MacBook. Any ideas?


Hi @shanetristan . You should check that the VOIP phone has been set up on your router? Is the Phone indicator light on? Can you borrow a regular handset to connect to router and see if you can receive a call on it? 

TPG have modified the VOIP firmware in the router so it's likely the tpPhone app won't work.

You can check out wifi calling but that uses your phone through your home wifi.

Your mobile phone probably has a better plan than using your intenet connection.