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using VR1600v as modem with gigaset voip gateway

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I'm getting my FTTC instalation done next week. I currently have ADSL2+ with home phone bundle. However I do not use the TPG provided VOIP services, instead I use another provider with Gigaset N300IP as the VOIP gateway.


I would like to use the Tp-Link VR1600v as the modem only, and continue use the Gigaset N300IP and my own router. Is this possible? I would like to receive my incoming calls on the Gigaset N300IP, just like my current setup, still using my 02******* number?


Just to clarify, I'm not planning to use TPG VOIP services.




Hi @amalan


Welcome to the community!


The modem/router that we provide is


The modem we provide is optimised for our VoIP home phone bundled with our NBN service.

If your handset Gigaset N300IP does have an option to configure SIP settings you may only need to connect the handset to our modem/router phone port. If not and you need to configure the SIP settings on the modem/router, then you may need to use a different modem/router so you can use 3rd party VoIP.

Let us know how it will go and should you require further assistance.