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ADSL+2 modem disconnected from internet

Level 2

I reset my adsl modem (Model: HG532d) after it constantly drop off from the internet and frequent disconnection, then the modem has only the power light and wlan light on when turn on the modem, I used the windows 7 internet diagnosis, it shows the connection from the laptop to the wlan but no connection from the modem to the internet, I tried plugged the ethernet cable direct to my laptop and the line direct to the wall socket without the adsl splitter but still not working. I assume no configration need to be done in modem after reset except reset the password. Because my most of the time rely on the internet, it cause me so frustrated, need this problem be soloved ASAP! 


Hi @Jasonlou


We'd like to see what happened to the service and see what we can do to restore your connection as soon as possible.


Flick me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number for us to assist.