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ASUS RT-AC86U WAN LED solid RED after Latest ASUS Firmware update

Level 2
Hi All! I have been Running an ASUS RT-AC86U on Merlin for some years now. I recently toticed Firmware was out of date and updated it. Now my WAN LED solid RED after Latest Firmware update

Afer trying every fix on internet for hrs, I decided to install ASUS firmware... exact same issue, tried all the fixes. No joy! TPG say there is no connection to server.... and are investigating.... Im On HFC connection to NBN ( small black box )
Any one have any ideas I may have not tried?

Hi @Benski


What's the light status of the NBN NTD box?

Since you are under the HFC technology, the lights should all be solid.


If some are off or flashing, then there might be an issue within the line or network.


Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.