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AX1500 (VX220-G2v v2.0) - Remove Dynamic DNS?

Level 3



I want to remove my Dynamic DNS account from the GUI.


There does not seem to be any way to do this.


Can someone help?



Remove DynDNS TP-Link.jpg


Level 15

Hi @TheRealDonald . Try doing Logout. That might make the router disconnect from the DDNS provider.

Then blank out the 3 fields and Save.

Also, delete your Domain Name entry with the DDNS provider.

After a while, you can check that your domain name has been removed; try to ping the name.


Otherwise, a factory reset might be needed.

Level 3

When I log out and blank out the entries & press save I get "User Name Cannot Be Blank".


If I just leave it will it be a problem for any reason?


If I do reset will I have to connect via ethernet or will the default WIFI entries listed on the back of the router work?





Level 15

@TheRealDonald . Just Logout and delete your entry with the DDNS provider. 

Whenever your WAN ip address changes, the router will try to connect to the DDNS provider to update your domain name but will be rejected since your entry has been deleted (free no-ip entry is deleted after 30 days). There ought to be no problem in the router.