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AXE11000 WiFi Router Nighthawk® Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router - How to connect to TPG?

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I bought a Netgear AXE11000 Nighthawk® Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router and tried using the Netgear app on my phone to install the TPG NBN connection but where it said I should be able to see the network on my phone, I could not.


Is there step by step instructions somewhere for guidance?

Level 15

Hi @happymeal . Can you check the label on the router to see what SSID is active. If only one active, it might be one your phone can't detect. Do you have another wifi device?

You can try factory reset. The default config should have both SSID enabled.

Or use ethernet computer. 

The user manual is available on the Netgear website.

If you need to set VLAN ID, see the section: Set up a bridge for a VLAN tag group.