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Archar C1200 v1 need new firmware.

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Archar C1200 v1 need new firmware.

Currently the modem has firmware from the stone ages 2018, however there is firmware on the TP-Linnk website dated 2022.

They state you should get the update done by your supplier to avoid any warranty issues, so I went online to investigate this and I did infact see others that had beenn told by the moderator that diong the request could be here online or the better way was calling your ISP and getting them to run the firmware through their updating softwe.

Well, I could today and I was very suprised at the level of customer service that I received.

I finish up with the sales team upgrading the speed and I thought why not I get that done so it asists with the extra speed it is about to get smashed with, was transferred over to the Tech help and explained my needs and then, This is the good bit, I was told sorry we dont do that you will need to buy a new Modem!!

I am almost lost for word with this response. TP-Link has firmware update thats 4 years newer and after being told that i couldnt have been looking at the right thing. No I've never looked at a computer or its part ever. Come on!! How can companies put people who have no idea about the product specially when its on the technical side. So after her reading of her script ignoring and blocking any chance that I had to say anything, i did mangae to explain to her that you do and you could. She put me on hold for maybe 15mins and came back after talking to someone and said yes we can and we'll get that sorted for you now. Ok, Sweet the conversation was going the right way, well until she told me 72 hrs or more. WOW Speachless


Hi @wilkins2020 


All TPG supplied modem comes with modified firmware. The firmware on TP-Link website is different from the one we provide. Let us help check if there is available firmware for the modem. Could you shoot me a PM with your details?


How to send a PM?