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Archer C1200 USB disk

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I have an Archer C1200 as my NBN modem and have been using the USB attached disk over WiFi. Problem is the disk access is very slow, far slower than the WiFi speed. Is this a characteristic of the Archer?

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Hi @peter3193, it's usually a combination of things, the Archer C1200 has a USB 2.0 interface so even though the theoretical maximum speed is 480MB/s in reality you'll average much lower than that, the external drive or flash disk you're using may be a bottleneck also.

The WiFi connection is another variable that will never deliver it's rated speed in reality. You should be able to stream a 1080p video on at least 2 devices simultaneously even with those limitations.

 So the whole system is only as good as the slowest device at any point. For example a USB 3.0 external drive will only deliver USB 2.0 speeds at best via the C1200.

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Thanks @orbistat for your reply. The USB disk connected direct to my computer is plenty fast. Over WiFi from the Archer modem, however, transferring 35 MB, the inital speed is fast (buffered?) but for most of the transfer the speed is averaging 2 MB/s with 1s pauses between files. Is that good? Does not seem to me to be all-OK.


Image1 (2).jpg



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Hi @peter3193 yes that's what I'd expect, my test is using a video file from my PC to the Huawei HG 659 router and attached USB 3 HDD on the Router's USB 2 interface, The PC is connected via gigabit ethernet to the router, it's no fireball but an adequate box @ 3.4ghz i7 Win 7 pro machine with 8g ram.


File Xfer Test.jpg

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So a direct connection is giving 4.5 MB/s, about twice as fast as WiFi connect. I recon both are poor!


Thanks so much for taking the time to test, @orbistat.