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Archer VR1600V Modem Web Management Page slow

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The modem we connect to the NBN with has a tediously slow management page whther I connect to it wirelessly or by wired connection INSIDE the LAN.

I am the system administrator and often need to use this portal.


Has a firmware upgrade been made which has not been pushed to it?


Firmware Version: Build 180828 Rel. 56416n

Hardware Version: Archer VR1600v v1 00000000


When is the firmware going to be changed such that the logging of calls which go through it to ATA devices stop being error logged in the system log?


I have seen suggestion that VOIP encryption is handled in the modem. Again, since calls are going 'through' it to ATA devices is this essential in the router i.e. could I replace the router with any other router that is not so horrendously slow in the management?


Hi @woodsey,


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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Looking at the firmware version, your modem already has the latest firmware. 


Here's a community link that can help you with your concern. Use the tp vr1600v purely as a voip gateway




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Thanks for that. I am tagged into that link because this is an area not within my expertise.


I can't imagine that any ISP would allow two different routers on a small switch to both have live sessions with the same static IP but if I am wrong on this then all my problems go away.