Archer VR1600V V2

Level 2

Hi team!


I have a TPG archer modem with the following details:

Firmware Version: 0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 190228 Rel.72265n

Hardware Version: Archer VR1600v v2 00000000


It does not allow VOIP or the Telephony screen as per manual below:


5. 2. Entering Telephone Information
Before using telephony services, you should first enter your telephone information
provided by your telephony service provider.
Follow the steps below to enter information:
1. Visit, and log in with the account you set for the router.
2. Go to Advanced > Telephony > Telephone Numbers to open the configuration page.
3. Enter the necessary information as required, and click Save to make the settings
SIP Number: The number you use to dial and answer.
Password: Not necessary information, but if you have, fill them in.


I need to access it as I want to use my own VOIP instead of TPG's. can you please unlock the screen so I can see and update the details. I have been told that you may need to give me a version of firmware that allow the changes for VOIP details.


Regards Henry


Hi @brusselsst,


Your TPG supplied modem will only be able to be used with a TPG VoIP service.


You will need to use the TPG VoIP service, or look at getting a 3rd party ATA/Modem to use your own VoIP provider.