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Archer VR1660 V2, yellow on the case, overheating, high connection drops yesterday

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Hi, recently my router (archer vr1600v) has been dropping frequently, overheating and has this yellow on the case which isnt support to be there. from what i've gathered in in terms of information when the connection drops out, 6 lights are usually suppose to be on (power,dsl,internet,2.4g,5g and phone 1), but when the connection drops, 4 are on (power,2.4g,5g,phone 1), while dsl is flashing multiple times, turns off and repeats itself and internet is completely off until dsl is back. the admin page on the website status' page usually says its on ip until the internet/dsl turns on about 5-10 minutes later.


rebooting the internet usually speeds up the process, but usually couple minutes later causes it to drop connection. 


yesterday, it was occuring frequently from 7pm to 11pm, as well as the day prior randomly, started to occur about 2 months ago albeit less frequent then today. i can provide account numbers, more screenshots etc for more help.


thanks, Jonathan


Hi @hieujonnyvoboy


We'd like to check on what we can arrange for you.


Please send us a private message with your account details.