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Archer v1600v, Is the modem locked in?

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Due to multiple reasons, I am leaving the tpg network. I checked in this forums if the Archer v1600v is locked in to TPG in any way, and it appears that other than VoIP, you guys haven't disabled anything else in the custom firmware you have installed.


My questions are,


1. Is this still current?

2. Is there a way to get the default firmware image for this modem?

3. Is there any penalty I will incour using the TPG provided modem whilst I am with another provider?




Hi @rodrigoelp


The TPG provided modem/router can be used with another provider.


You may try to install the default firmware from TP-Link, but it is at your own discretion.


There's no penalty in using it with another provider once you owned the device.




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Thanks for the answer BasilDV,


TP-Link doesn't provide a precompiled firmware for this device. As far as I understand, it is a ISP grade product with custom firmware from each ISP (I might be wrong).


Do you have a link handy I can use to check it out? I only found the source code, and before I set up a virtual machine with fedora, to build this particular firmware (which TPLink mentioned it would void its warranty, not that I would have any at this particular point in time) I wanted to know if there is a default image I can download and provide to the router.


This is the the router firmware code


Any help would be appreciated