BYO Router

Level 2

Can  I use my netgear C6300BD-1TLAUS Router that was connected to cable previously as my TPG NBN router. Also want to include my Netgear Orbi RBK router. I have FTTC.

When I connect WAN feed directly to Orbi then to either netgear C6300BD-1TLAUS or TPG Archer VR 1600v to the connections all communication stops.


What am I doing wrongly?



Level 15

Hi @Tonysant . This iiNet article shows how to set VLAN ID=2 for Orbi RBK50 to connect to NBN box.

Regarding the other Netgear and Archer, what are you wanting to do with them? They can be used as cabled extender to the Orbi. The Netgear can't connect to NBN.