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Best wifi modem for FTTN

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Hello all,
First time on this platform.
I have recently set up a FTTN NBN service in Wannanup WA and all is working with appropriate speed (50mbps), but the modem is located upstairs and the wifi service downstairs is rather poor.
The modem is an older NetComm NF18ACV - from a previous address.
Looking for advice on whether a better modem would help, or should I opt for a mesh wifi extender ?
Many thanks.

Hi @deanshaw28,


Welcome to the Community!


We have TP-Link VX220 G2v that cost $99.95 with $10 shipping fee. You may check the modem features here,


The NBN modem/router that we are providing doesn't have any restrictions to the devices that you want to connect to it, especially mesh or extender devices.



Here are also some lists of modem you can check;