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Bridge Mode Set Up

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Hi there,
I recently purchased a google nest wifi router and wifi point and want to set up my modem (Archer VR1600v) as a bridge. The modem is already set up (as we were using this as the router for a couple years now) so when I go into Advanced --> Network --> DSL there is already a connection set up. When I try to add a bridge and set the VLAN ID to 2 it says I'm unable to as it's already in use. Below I have linked the steps I've been following to set it up. I don't know if I have to delete anything (didn't want to try just in case something goes wrong) or just use a different VLAN ID Number. Any and all help is appreciated. 

Thank you Smiley Happy

Bridge Mode Set Up:



Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so I can check the status here.


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Just sent it through Smiley Happy
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I have the exact same issue and would love to know how this was solved. I would LOVE to get rid of the double NAT issue.