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Bridge Mode on TPG Archer Vr1600V stopped working after TPG outage

Level 2

Current Device : Vr1600v (Supplied by TPG)

Product : TPG NBN (FTTN)

Method : Bridged Mode

Connected to Firewall/Router : PFSense with PPPoE


Having followed the posts on this forum for bridging the modem, it has been running fine in bridged mode for the last few weeks.


This morning between at approximately 2.00am, the connection was disconnected. This correlated with an outage for the ACT posted by TPG, with a resolution  time of 6.00am.

The connection did not come back up.

Soft reset of VR1600 made no difference

Reset of the PFSense - made no difference

Checked logs - could see that it was connecting to TPG, being authorised successfully, but no Gateway, no DNS and ultimately no working Internet connection 


Went onsite to commence working through the issue.

DSL Sync Light on - no issues here

Removed the VR1600 from the PFSense (and took it out of play) and went back to basics.

Setup a PPPoE Connection on the laptop - connected the VR1600 directly to the laptop

Clicked on Connect with PPPoE (laptop) and waited for it to authorise and connect.

Connected - but no DNS / No Gateway - same issue - ultimately no working Internet connection


Ran through this several times, rechecking the work - looking for any silly errors, but none, reboots of the laptop made no difference. Note this is the same routine that I did a few weeks ago as the normal is check and test the Bridge mode with a laptop first - this was successful a few weeks ago, and the PFSense was connected (with PPPoE Setup) and working well


Removed Laptop - Reset the VR1600v back to factory defaults - added PPPoE information, and router came up. Internet connection working (just not in bridged mode). This got us back to a level playing field.


Back to the bridged setup again, completed this, again following the guides in this forum (its not that hard - but making sure that no mistakes were made)


Again connect laptop with PPPoE setup, try to connect - connected but again no DNS / No Gateway

I have done hundreds of these setups with various modems/various carriers...but this refuses to play ball.


As the client still had their old ADSL available (another carrier), hooked that up to PFSense, as it was using a bridged modem as well, setup PPPoE on the PFSense. Instantly connects - obtains DNS and Gateway, internet available. Almost eliminating the PFSense, and just to be sure, the PFSense was reset to factory defaults - completely clean - and configurations reapplied - again the TPG Link failed, but the other carrier connection came up immediately.


I only have one other test that I can run and that is more out of interest.

My original Laptop test with PPPoE was done with another laptop, which was turned off immediately (and not used since) after testing was done on the newly installed TPG Link. I did not have it with me today, but it will be interesting to see if it connects immediately via PPPoE. My expectation is that it wont, which will lead me to ask what was changed at TPG last night as part of the fault???


Anyone else seen this issue???

And to save a few questions

1) Yes it was set to VLAN 2

2) Yes I deleted all the connection profiles previous to setup of the bridged profile with VLAN2

3) Yes I bound it to the LAN port 1


Any ideas are welcome....













Hi @netintegrity,


Welcome to the community!


I would love to help and see the status of your service. I tried to use your community details to pull up the account unfortunately no match. To better understand the situation, I'd like to get your account details (Username/Customer ID or Contact number associated with the account).

In case you need a reference  How to send a PM.