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Can i use my modem from previous (non-NBN) plan with a NEW ISP's NBN Plan?

Level 2

Used this modem in Melbourne for an internet plan. (See Pic)

It's the TPLink AC1600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit VoIP VDSL/ADSL Modem Router.


Have now moved to Western Australia to an address that is NBN compatible.

1) Need to know if this modem is unlocked (I think it is, based on previous posts) and can be used with another ISP. 2) Second question is if it is NBN compatible.


Thank you. 

Level 15

Hi @dianelaz . This is the standard router used by TPG. It supports FTTB/N using RJ11 cable and FTTC/P and HFC using NBN box. It works with other providers using their config details. The built-in VOIP function is unlikely to work with another provider since firmware is customised for TPG. There are other functions that have been disabled in the firmware. TP-Link don't provide firmware updates.

PS. You should delete the picture since it shows the router's wifi pin code.