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Can't Port Forward - HG659

Level 2

I am trying to get WOL over WAN and dynamic DNS to work so need to open port 9 and 80, have tried many different approaches but cannot get it to work I am using to verify, knowing that I've forwarded a port using game streaming software


So far in the HG659, I tried to forward the ports by going into 'Forwarding' and adding the ports in just 'Port Mapping' (which didn't work) so added the same ports into 'Port Trigger' which also didn't work.


I've also tried:

- enabling DMZ

- creating DCHP reservation/static IP for the device I'm trying to WOL into

- turn off Windows firewall, anti virus firewall and router firewall (and instead of getting port connection timed out on canyouseeme I get port connection refused)

- adding the ports as exceptions in Windows firewall

- checked out the HG659 Port Forward Page


I also recently updated the router firmware as well. Any help is much appreciated


Attached: my port forwarding page


Hi @ngokevin,


Welcome to the community!


We raised this to the relevant team to check if there is additional troubleshooting that can be done to open the ports.


We'll provide you an update on this thread when it is available.