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Change DNS server TPlink VR 1600v - Works with dynamic, but not static IP's

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I've setup the DNS as shown below in the Lan settings of my modem. This works fine for devices using dhcp, but if I set the IP static and point the DNS to then it doesn't go to the saved settings and websites are blocked.


InkedAnnotation 2020-01-01 154212_LI.jpg

I had this working previously, but I had to reset my modem yesterday and now it's not working correctly. I can set the DNS on the PC manually, but I know there is some way to make it work by pointing it to 


From memory there was some other setting that could only be changed when you selected the right option like ewan-ppoe or something, but I just can't find it.


Hi @Dedokta,


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We understand that you are using the Free DNS from Cloudflare. The secondary DNS for it is


The Google DNS should use a secondary DNS address.


Let us know how it goes.