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Clicking (FTTC NCD) LAN & DSL not lighting up on modem and NCD

Level 2
Had a brief power outage around 9.30pm last night (27/02) as soon as the power came back on the NCD made a continuous clicking sound and the connection was flashing red. After checking the NBN status with my address for outages (there were none) I followed the steps outlined in other TPG forum posts and still same result. Occasionally when turning the NCD off and on again a few times then putting the phone line cable in the connection status light will be solid blue but no DSL or LAN.
While also testing the TPG app connection it says it says "Your internet service is offline" Modem Detected and Data both with a red "X".

Also submitted a fault report #12835388


Hi @trm89, welcome to TPG Community!


Looking at the ticket, our Helpdesk team determine that your NCD is not communicating with the NBN box outside and this could be caused by a network fault. This case has since been escalated to our engineering for further investigation. Their team will be contacting you via call and/or SMS for updates.