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Configuring Netgear R8500 router to TPG NBN.

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Hello, I am trying to replace stock TPG TP-Link V1600 modem router with Netgear Skyhawk R8500; mainly due to much better network performance in multi device household. My current setup is NBN via coax cable going through a little box NBN supplied and current TPG provided router is plugged in the box via RJ45 ethernet cable. My speed is about 35-40 mbps depending on the time of the day.


Upon reading the forums I configured R8500 to connect by adding TPG user name / password in the main screen and adding VLAN tag 2 to the 'internet' interface. The router connects but the speed is only 1-3 mbps. The router interface works fine as I can add it to the exiting TPG stock router as an access point and it provides excellent speed. 


Any advice of how to make the router work with TPG/NBN is appreciated.