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Connect modem to nighthawk xr300 router

Level 2
Hey there. Just after some step by step advice for connecting to a new router.

I know there's articles already, and I've tried to follow them. But when I tried, I think I broke something in the network, and I had to do a hard reset to fix everything.

I want to bridge my modem to a new router, because my current network has increasingly frustrating issues with online gaming, and a powerful router will fix it.

Hope to hear soon
Level 15

Do you want to replace the existing router with the XR300?

Connect the xr300 in place of the existing one. Do a reset on xr300 which will make it check what type of connection to use. Use a computer or wifi device to finish the setup. When you login to router, it takes you to automatic internet setup. Needs you TPG username and password. And probably ask you to change the default router password. See the label for admin password and wifi SSID and wifi password.

If you do the manual internet setup, the connection type is PPPoE.

The manual has all this in greater detail.


Level 15

One other thing. If you use a phone through the NBN, I think you need the TPG router connected to the NBN box. Then the XR300 plugs into the TPG router.  That setup is different.

Level 2
Hey there thanks for the quick reply

This is a wonderfully detailed instruction, thank you. My only issue is with bridging from the tpg modem; in the other articles it says to create the link as '2', but I saw there was already a '2' in use. Am I OK making it another number, or does it have to be 2?

Im still keeping the tpg modem, just need to make it talk to the new router, that's all
Level 15

Which router have you connected to the NBN box?


In your reference to '2', is that in an ip address like

If so, it's probably the ip address assigned to your computer or wifi device.


Both routers can have the ip pool addresses changed. 

Change IP Pool Starting Address to on the primary router.

On the secondary router, turn off DHCP function, assign its own address as;

set default gateway as Connect each with RJ45 between LAN ports 1 and 1.


Somewhere along the way, one or both will reboot and your computer will get a new ip address.