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Connecting ASUS GT AX11000

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I recently bought the new ASUS GT AX 11000 Router to replace my old net gear XR500 router.

I connected the ASUS Wan to wan like my old net gear router and adjusted router settings with vlan Id 2 and checked my IP addresses however the internet light on the ASUS is red and will not connect to the internet.

I reset the TPG modem/router the tplink archer as well as the router tried again as well as turning off and waiting a minute and rebooting I had no luck there.

I called ASUS and they ran me through configuration and this also got me no where as I had done pretty much all the steps they had told me to do.

I started to think the router just might be faulty so I tried to plug my old net gear in and now have the same issue even though it had always worked perfectly fine.

I then set the tplink archer into bridge mode I looked up configurations for tpg put it in bridge mode,Vdsl, lan id 2. I reset the router and tried set up again from the bridge has exactly the same issue.

I’m convinced that the issue is from the modem/router communicating with the external devices as I also tried a wifi extender I had with the tplink in normal modem router configuration and the extender connects but if you try to use the internet on the extender it does not work.

And yes I have also checked the internet connection if I use the tplink archer as a stand-alone I get internet I also have used different Ethernet cables for connections

Need some much needed help on this one is doing my head in should I try with a new modem/router?

Hello xStache,
Thank you for being a part of the TPG Community.
For verification purposes can you please send me a private message (PM) by clicking on my name and provide the following information:
 Username
 Full Name
 Full Address
 D.O.B.

Can you also take a photo of the Archer ans Asus Ports and attach as well.

I will reply ASAP on receipt of the above.
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