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Connecting via Wi-Fi on HFC connection

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Just purchased an ASUS DSL-AX82U as a replacement modem/router. I’m having a bit of an issue connecting to Wi-Fi. My existing connection to TPG is via HFC, I have a bundle connection i.e. NBN HFC Internet and home phone. I’m having trouble with the Wi-Fi side. It seems I can’t connect to the Wi-Fi side of the modem due to configurations on the modem. I did follow some instructions from both TPG and ASUS to no avail. I did a software upgrade but still no joy to Wi-fi situation. The Ethernet though is working fine. The other issue is the home phone setup I haven’t been able to find how these are configured on these types of modems if they can be connected at all.

If I can get some help would be much appreciated

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Level 15

Hi @jdgrapes . The VOIP home phone only works on a router supplied by TPG. Anyhow, this Asus router has no phone port. The RJ11 port is for FTTB/FTTN connection.

You say the ethernet is working fine. Do you mean that your ethernet computer can access the internet?


Have you downloaded the router's manual?

Regarding wifi devices, the manual has this note:

• Some wireless adapters might have connectivity issues to 802.11ax WiFi APs.
• If you’re experiencing such issue, please ensure you update the driver to the latest version. Check your manufacturer's official support site where software drivers, updates, and other related information can be obtained.
• Realtek:
• Mediatek:
• Intel: