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Connecting your TP-Link M5 Mesh Wifi Network to NBN (FTTC)

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A guide for those who are looking at getting a mesh wifi network, in particular the TP-Link M5 and replacing their stock modem/router (e.g. TP-Link Archer vr1600v).  I couldn't find any solid information on this and took a bit of a gamble but it worked out and I hope this is helpful to someone else out there.


I've seen a few posts on here but they all connect their mesh wifi system to the existing modem/router like the Archer vr1600v and like myself you may not want this.  Main reasons are why do I need to power another device to sit there that practically does nothing?  I'll also have another device pumping out a wifi signal I dont need.  


While this is specific to the M5, this should work for the other TP-Link mesh wifi systems available due to it's ability to customise the VLAN tagging (more on this later).


My Setup

NBN Connection Type: FTTC

NBN Connection Box: Default one that comes with TPG NBN plans (NetCommWireless FTTC Network Connection Device NDD-0300)

Existing Modem/Router: TP-Link Archer vr1600v

New Router: TP-Link M5 Mesh 3-pack (the number of nodes don't really matter)



NBN Connection Box <> TP-Link M5 (any node)

  • Connect the two devices via the NBN Connection Device's Gateway port to any of the M5's LAN ports 
  • This sets up this M5 node as the main router


Given the mesh system's ability to connect any node (or model for that matter) to the main router or each other there is no other wiring required.  I did have a few devices such as the TV and my NAS using an ethernet cable to one of the satellite M5 nodes.



One thing to note to be able to replace the TPG provided modem/router is for your new router to have the ability to do VLAN tagging.  I won't go into details on what VLAN tagging is but it essentially needs to be set to the value of 2 for TPG networks to identify you.  Not all systems have this ability, from what I've read the Google Nest Wifi doesn't and you are forced to connect this to your existing router.


The following are specific to the Deco app for all TP-Link devices.  During setting up the Internet Connection ensure you have the following options set:


  1. Connection Type: PPPoE
  2. Select IPTV/VLAN and within the options here select ISP Profile: Australia-TPG Network
    • This sets the VLAN ID to 2 and VLAN Priority to 0
    • Note there are a range of other pre-sets available or you can set your own custom values if requierd

Refer to the screenshot for an example of the Deco app wizard.  Note this screenshot is inaccurate, the new app has "IPTV/VLAN Settings" instead of just "VLAN Settings" at the bottom but they both go to the same options.


That's it, your Internet should be connected and the rest of the wifi/node configure is pretty straight forward using the wizard.  I hope this has been helpful for others who are looking at upgrading.



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