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Can anyone tell me about cooling off period with tpg. I just did contract with tpg and had issu with wi fi range ? Help would be highly appreciated.

Hi @Jagdishchotara


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We appreciate you taking the time to post. Concerning your query, we do not have a cooling off period. 


I've managed to locate your TPG account using your Community details and it showed that the issue regarding your connection is now raised to our Technical team. 


Moreover, since wireless signals travel through the air, they are susceptible to different types of interference than standard wired networks. Interference weakens wireless signals and therefore is an important consideration when working with wireless networking. As you might be aware, the biggest factors which reduce Wi-Fi performance are the effect distance and internal walls have on signal strength.

A modem has been requested to do comparative testing as we have found no fault on the line that can be service affecting. Further updates will be provided via SMS or phone call by our Technical team. 


Should you have further queries, please don't hesitate to let us know. 


Thank you! 


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I havent been able to get wifi in the entire home and i am not happy about this, we are still having to run our optus network because we need wifi for work and are currently working from home. Ive tried getting in contact by calling, no answer or ive been hung up on. Then i emailed, and sent an sms and went online and chatted to someone who said someone from tpg will call the next morning which was wednesday but no call as yet. If i cant get in contact when i have a problem i dont want this service. Id rather go back to optus at least they can talk to me on the phone. When i was enquiring to get NBN in my home with you guys it was so easy to talk to someone. Now ive had it installed no one wants to talk to me i just cant get through after a few phone call attempts and been kept on hold for an hour. Its ridiculous. I dont want to pay for something thats just not working for me.