Crap service overall

Level 2

Have been trying to get my service connected for almost 2 weeks now, first the modem arrives without the NBN box. Then after numerous calls and wanting to cancel my contract they promise it Will be sent, However not before charging me another $10  for freight.


anyway needless to say still no box. 


If if I cancel I know the refund will take months, 


problem is I think the sale team have no clue about the difference between days and weeks, maybe deliberately say 3-4 days knowing full well it’s 3-4 weeks.


anyway another extremely dissatisfied customer, I suppose my fault for not reading the posts on the forum prior to ordering, “buyer beware”



Hi @barrygove59 


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I checked the account and from what I gathered, NBNCo has tagged your address as Service Class 34. This means that your location had NBN service previously which goes to say that there should have been an NCD at your address. Hence, when the order was placed, we only sent a modem.


A new NCD has been dispatched today via Startrack. Please refer to the email that was sent to you regarding the consignment details. My apologies for the inconvenience and we hope you can bear with us further.


Once you receive the NCD, you may refer to the following guide: NBN FTTC Setup - General Setup