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Level 1a
I've been struggling for days now trying to set this router up. Physical connection is fine, but once set up wizard is complete it still says not connected to internet.
I've tried my username and password multiple ways (was told different passwords on the phone)
Level 9

Have you set VLAN ID=2 for internet access? Settings menu, Internet, VLAN.

(P53 in manual:

(Don't think this is needed on FTTP connection.)

Level 1a
Hi David,
Yes this setting was already on VLAN ID = 2 .. Does the priority also need to change?
Level 9

Priority is 0.

The password is the one that gets you in if you login using mobile data. 

Have a look at the Dlink system log. There might be a clue.

Does the previous router still work? 

What lights are lit on the NBN box?

Level 1a
Yeah previous router still works. On the new one all lights on except for internet which is orange.
Level 9

If the old router still connects to the internet, you can compare the settings on both. The old one won't need to be connected.

Your pictures didn't show the pppoe or vlanid settings.