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D-Link DSL-3890 Modem Router

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Hello everyone,


Over the weekend my original Huawei modem died and I went out to purchase a new one as it was necessary for people in my house to do university work. I purchased the D-Link DSL-3890 Modem Router. 
When at home, changing over to the D-Link, there was no way for it to connect, regardless of what we tried and scouring the internet for help. I've seen a few threads regarding this but none that had an answer on what to do

Has anyone been able to find a way to conenct this?
I even had a TPG technician come out today to ensure our NBN/internet was still connected, and it is. Somehow got the old modem (6+ years old) to work but I'd like the new one conencted, however they wouldn't assist with this 


Hi @teenerweener


Are you under the NBN bundled with VoIP service? What NBN technology are you in? 

Have you contacted D-Link support to further guide you in setting up your modem/router?


Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to check this.