D-link dsl 3890 FTTP

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Hi all,
Was wondering if anyone can assist with setup of Dlink DSL 3890 supports NBN

Saw someone else had similar issue in April 2020 and was able to get this resolved. But couldn’t find how or the solution wasn’t published.

Hi @Cook 


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We can confirm that the Dlink DSL3890 is NBN ready.

For the configuration, you need to set it as a router only device, then connect it from WAN to the NBN NTD box (make sure you use the correct UNI-D port).


Once done, you need to set the connection to PPPoE, then insert your TPG username and password. That's basically it since you are under the NBN FTTP technology.


For further guidance, please refer to the Manual of your device or contact the Dlink support.