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FTP from Windows 10 Desktop stopped working since upgrade to NBN (Archer VR1600v) modem

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Hi Guys


I have just upgraded from ADSL to NBN and everything is going wel except that I am not able to use FTP from my Windows 10 Desktop to "get" a file from my website.


I have a simple batch file that uses FTP to get a file and it is not working and I think it is due to some default setting in my new Archer VR1600v modem that is blicking it. I am not seeing any error message, it just doesn't get the file...


Can somebody please point me in the right direction within the Archer configuration?





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The issue was caused by my AVAST antivirus Firewall blocking the FTP program.


An AVAST Firewall setting was incorrectly set by me when AVAST first identified the new modem. I incorrectly set the network type to Public instead of Private. Once I set it to Private, the FTP works.


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Thanks for posting your solution @Lateraltech it may help others with the same issue.

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That's what I thought.

The disappointing thing was that when I contacted TPG Customer Support the didn't really have a clue and told me to contact the modem manufacturer. I did and they told me that they couldn't really help as the modem was specially manufactured for TPG and I needed to contact TPG....this scenario shouldn't happen.