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Firmware VX420-G2H version update required?

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Hi there,

Hope you can assist me by checking whether our vx420-G2H has the latest firmware installed? Also - it appears that the modem is set by default to enable remote (http) login by simply entering the broadcast IP plus admin password which I have updated ... would feel more secure though if remote login could be disabled. This seems impossible to disable based on our current firmware version (2.0.0 0.9 v603c.0 Build 210420 Rel.44185n) and there appears by reading akin posts on this site. Btw- this is actually a great site and a very convenient way to be 'consuming' support. Keep it up! LL P.S please let me know whom I am to pm for firmware check and customer ID. Etc to get the upgrade (if required) started.

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Let's take a closer look at this one for you. Send us a PM with your customer ID or account username.