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Firmware for Archer VR1600v

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Could you please confirm if I have the latest firmware for the Archer VR1600v? Currently I have the following installed: v5006.0 Build 180828 Rel: 56416n.


It is odd that one has to search through forums and try to figure this out based on other posts. Most technology companies have a firmware download site that is easy to locate and provides clear information on the latest firmware versions by site and has instructions on how to obtain the latest firmware.


Hi @pesler,


The TP-Link VR1600: 0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 180828 Rel.56416n is the latest firmware.




Level 2
Can you please share the link with the latest version of the firmware update.

Hi @manu5555,


There is no link that I can provide with the firmware. Our Helpdesk guys need to push the firmware update out remotely.


I can see you are already speaking to PeterW in the below thread. I recommend if you haven't already reply to PeterW with your details and he can take a look for you.




Level 3

well mine is v5006.0 Build190228 rel722654.  This is biazzare for e the third largest nbn provider to be doing one at a time pushes of firmware updates.  It realy is starting to look like a company that has good bandwith and pricing but designed for retirees who jus tplug wha tthey get in and let it run.  If there isn't an update I can't understnad why every evening at aroung 7pm my speed drops from around 90 to 50 and I have to always reboot and it goes back.  It is clearly glitchy firmware.  Other TP lInk routers you can go to TP link site and get updates and actually really good support, but because TPG want to hide their Voip  parameters this router is locked to to what TPG gives you.  I'd like to know why TPG still use VLan ID tagging and even a log in for that matter when most ISP s don't anymore if yoy have an NBN termination device.  Is it just so they can mail everyone the same router (modem) and then make it impossible for you to get any alternative. That is actually in breach of the Trade PRactices Act (third line forcing) refusing to help you or making it as hard as anything ot buy a competitor router.