Getting a New Modem

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Could someone please explain to me why after 3 days my new modem has not been sent ??.


9 days without service again and I get a text that you are currently processing !! , what does that mean, do you not have any modems in stock ?? ... 


It wouldbe really nice if your customer service would actually tell the full truths when a customer calls.  Instead of saying we may not be able to help you set up a 3rd party modem, why not tell the truth and say we will not give you the VOIP settings ??? ... That wasted 6 days and now 3 days and the modem you force people to have has not been shipped !!! .. Where is the modem, where is the shipping number ??..Do you have any modems at this time ??.  Easy questions, please answer.


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Called myself to check.


The order is with the admin team, they have had a high number of requests and they are very sorry for the delay ... 


I wait 12 minutes ....


They are processing now .. I will receive an email ..


2 minutes later .. email received ..


The equipment will be dispatched in 2-3 working days.

We will email you again when the goods are shipped.


So how long would of this have taken if I had not called ?? .. And now best case scenario I may have a service running again in a week or so .. 


So that will be 17 - 19 days without a service, will I get an automatic refund for the non service ?  Of course not.




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did you make any progress on this? I'm currently waiting for a modem and everytime i contact chat and waste 90mins of my life they tell me it was dispatched two weeks ago but when i ask for tracking details they go and ignore me again...