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Google Nest Wifi and managed switch

Level 2

Has anyone had any experience setting up Google Nest Wifi with a managed switch handling the VLAN tagging needed for TPG NBN?


I am currently using my previous modem router which is a Netgear D7000 with wireless disabled, but it doesn't support bridge mode. General wifi access works ok but some applications are experiencing issues due to Double NAT. 


I'm thinking a buying a small switch with VLAN features but keen to hear if anyone else has tried this setup with any success.

Level 15

Hi @lunartech . I bought a Netgear GS305E (5 giga-bit port, managed switch) because it does port mirroring. It also manages VLANs and tagging of frames, but I haven't used it for that.

From the manual: create a vlan with an id=2; add 2 ports; specify that the port going to NCD should be tagged. Presumably, it will remove the tag from frames coming from the NCD, otherwise the non-tagged device won't understand the frame.

Level 2

Thanks, that's the one I was looking at. Will give it a try and update here to say how I went.