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Google WiFi

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I purchased TPG NPN

They gave me an Arris CM8200 and Ptp-link Archer VR1600v

I bought google WIFi and have been on the phone to both google and TPG for 10 hours over last week without progress.

Google want me to use the Arris as the Modern and plug the Google WiFi directly into it. Cannot get it to work even with the right Ppoe settings.

TPG want me to plug the google WiFi into the Archer. Doesn’t work.

Please help. Ideally I would like to get rid of the Archer and just use Arris or buy something else other than the Arris as a modern.

Hi @Toby1234 


For Google wifi, it won't work if you connect it directly to the Arris as NBN HFC requires a VLAN which google wifi doesn't have.


You may use your google wifi as a router or wireless repeater together with our TP-Link VR1600v which has the VLAN that NBN Requires.


Please try the follow my recomendation below.


  1. Make sure Google Wifi is offline. Do not connect  the Google Wifi to either TP-Link VR1600v or Arris
  2. Connect you any of your device to the google wifi network
  3. Open Google App
  4. Tap the tab, then Network & general.
  5. In the ‘Network’ section, tap Advanced settings > WAN.
  6. Select DHCP
  7. Save

After saving turn off your google wifi and connect it to our TP-Link VR1600v Router

Make sure you use the WAN Port of your google wifi.

Google wifi.png


Turn your google wifi on and try the internet

Let us know if this work.